Stroud Green Medical Clinic

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Phone lines are open until 6.30pm


Clinics & services

  • Ante Natal Clinic
  • Smoking Cessation & Weight Control
  • Cervical Smears
  • Post Natal checks
  • Travel Clinic
  • Family planning
  • Well Person Clinic
  • Child Health & Vaccination Clinic
  • Psychology & Counselling Services
  • Alcohol Clinic
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • POD Service
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Telephone Triage Service
  • Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings

Child health & vaccination clinics

This clinic is for pre-school children who require developmental checks and children’s vaccinations. This clinic is attended by the Doctor, Practice Nurse. Please telephone for dates

Travel clinic

This clinic is provided for travellers who require vaccinations and advice. It is attended by the Practice Nurse. Please allow six weeks, if possible, in order for us to complete the full requirements. Some procedures and certificates may require a fee to be paid by you.

Sexual health and emergency contraceptive

Please contact the Practice Nurse. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


This clinic is provided for all pregnant women to check the health of mother and baby at regular intervals during the pregnancy. The Practice Nurse and the Doctor usually attend the clinic.

Smoking cessation and weight control

This clinic is provided to assist patients to give up smoking and to achieve a healthier weight. The clinic is attended by the Practice Nurse.

Cervical smears & post-natal checks

The cervical smear test is available for women patients to identify pre-cancer signs. Post-Natal checks are provided for mothers who have recently had a baby, to check on their health and to provide advice and guidance.

Chronic disease management

We provide a comprehensive disease service for patients with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, chronic bronchitis and ischaemic heart disease. This service is provided jointly by the doctors, nurse and health care assistant.

POD service

The surgery pod is a machine which enables patients to measure their own vital signs including weight and blood pressure. This service can also be used for the following: Contraceptive pill checks, new patient registrations, BMI Checks and NHS health checks.

MDT meetings

For patients with complex medical, social and psychological needs we participate in a fortnightly meeting to discuss their issues with social workers, community matrons and other healthcare workers. The benefit of this service is that it may allow patients to receive medical or social care in a speedier fashion with better coordination.

We only discuss patients if we have their consent.